10-Key Lessons
10-Key Lessons 1 - 6

During these lessons, you will be learning individual keys on the 10-key pad. You should be focused on learning all the locations of the keys and using the correct finger to strike them. Do not worry about speed until later. Accuracy is the most important aspect at this point. A character will be displayed in the main portion of the screen. Type the character that is displayed using the correct finger to do so. To display the 10-key pad on the screen, click the bar at the bottom of the screen or press the F1 key on your keyboard. Pressing F1 again or clicking the '10-key pad graphic' will make it go back to it's hiding place. Note that the correct finger to use for the current character will be indicated by a flashing circle when the 10-key pad graphic is displayed. Once you have typed all the characters for this lesson, you will be taken to a reporting screen. To abort the lesson early, click the 'Back' button to return to the '10-Key Lessons' screen.

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