10-Key Lessons
10-Key Reports

The '10-Key Reports' subsection shows data from the last 10-key lesson you took as well as some historical 10-key data. The 'Lesson Statistics' area shows you how many times you've taken this 10-key lesson as well as your best total accuracy(TA), best keystrokes per hour(KSPH) and best time. The best time, Time to Completion and KSPH will only be displayed for the Skill Builder since it is the only timed 10-key lesson. The other lessons focus completely on accuracy. The 'Number Pad Accuracy' area will break down the accuracy of each key for the lesson you just took. It will also show your TA and KSPH for this lesson. An analysis of your overall accuracy will be provided in the main portion of the screen. If Key Advantage Typing™ can determine any areas that need improvement, it will suggest lessons for you to revisit to strengthen these areas.

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