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About Key Advantage Typing™
Key Advantage Typing™ is a Programming Art, LLC product. Support for this product is offered through the help forums at http://www.programmingart.com/forums Support is also available through email at support@programmingart.com Phone support for this product is not available. Please refer to the end user license agreement found in the license.txt file for any concerns you may have over the proper use of this product. You may purchase KAT on CD-Rom or by download by clicking below and visiting our website at:


Programming Art, LLC is located in Columbus, OH USA. Please check out our website to learn more about who we are and what we do. Our mailing address is:

Programming Art
P.O. Box 340204
Columbus, OH 43234

Thank you for using Key Advantage Typing™! We hope you find it to be the best typing program available in the world, for that is our goal.

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