10-Key Lessons
Ergonomics & Health

In this section, you will find health and posture tips, as well as ergonomic exercises. It's very important to note that this information may not apply to you. If you have any special needs or current injuries, this information may not be for you. As with any physical activity, you should consult your doctor before doing anything suggested by Key Advantage Typing™. There are 3 subsections to choose from. The 3 buttons in the upper left portion of the screen will navigate you to these subsections. To view tips, click the 'Tips for Healthy Typing' button. To view a diagram of proper typing posture, click the 'Proper Typing Posture' button. To view exercises, click the 'Ergonomic Exercises' button. In this subsection, a 'Previous' and 'Next' button will appear. These buttons allow you to flip through all the available exercises and view the descriptions of each. To return to the 'Lesson Home' screen, click the 'Back' button.

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