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Add Ingredient 2

Adding a Custom Ingredient, Step 2 of 4

Entering all the information requested in Step 2 is highly recommended, however it is not required. If you provide data for each of the nutrients listed, then recipes that use this ingredient will be able to report accurate nutritional information. If you leave some or all of the fields blank on this screen, you can always edit them later, however, until you do, recipes that use this ingredient will not report nutritional information accurately. Typically, nutrition information is stored in the database in 100 gm samples of any ingredient. If you wish to add your information for a differently sized sample, that is fine. RA2 will convert the values to adjust for 100 gm automatically when you finish the adding process. You may type in any amount and choose the unit from gm, oz, lb, or kg. Click the "Next" button when you are done entering nutrition information.
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