10-Key Lessons
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Add Recipe 1

Adding a New Recipe, Step 1 of 4

The process of adding a new recipe to the program is broken up into 4 steps that are self-explanatory. After clicking the "Start New Recipe" button on the main screen, you will be taken to "Step 1" of the process. On this screen, you may give your new recipe a name by typing it in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. You may also specify the number of servings this recipe will make. The category in which your recipe will be created should be highlighted in the main portion of the screen. If you want to choose a different category, you may navigate to your preferred category and highlight it before clicking the "Next" button. Clicking the "Cancel" button will take you back to the main screen. When you're ready to proceed to "Step 2", click the "Next" button.

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