10-Key Lessons
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Add Recipe 3

Adding a New Recipe, Step 3 of 4

In "Step 3", you can type in the directions for your recipe. Just type directly into the big field in the middle of the screen to enter your directions. You may also specify a "friendly" name for the ingredient you've just added. Many of the names in the database have a very "scientific" style. If you prefer a different name be used in your recipe, you can just type your preferred name in the field at the top of the screen. The nutritional information will remain the same if you change the name. Changing the ingredient name at this point is simply for aesthetic purposes. If you want to add another ingredient before proceeding, then click the "Here" button toward the top of the screen. The field at the bottom of the screen will keep track of all the ingredients that you are adding to your recipe. You'll always have the ability to edit your recipe later and add more ingredients, so don't worry about remembering them all right away. Once you've added your ingredients and directions, you can click "Finish" to immediately return to the main screen. Your recipe will be automatically saved and you will be able to find it in its category now. You can also choose to go to an optional "Step 4".

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