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Edit Ingredient

Editing an ingredient in the Database

This screen allows you to edit an ingredient in the database. You may find this particularly useful if you've added a custom ingredient, but didn't have all the information at the time of adding it. This feature gives you the chance to come back and fill in the blanks. Also, if you have determined that an ingredient in the database contains incorrect information, this will allow you to correct it. You may also find this feature to be helpful because it allows you to enter in a volume/weight conversion which is necessary for an ingredient to be able to offer such volume units as cups, tsp, and tbsp, etc. By default, you will be entering nutritional values for 100 gm of your ingredient. If you want to add nutritional information for an amount other than 100 gm, you may do so by specifying the amount at the top of the screen. If you do this, you will need to provide nutritional information for all the nutrients at this new weight. One property that cannot be edited is the name of a database ingredient. RA2 allows you to use "friendly" names in your recipes, so there should not be a need to change the database ingredient name.

There are two conversions that you may provide which will enable the ingredient to have more unit choices when using it in a recipe. By default, any ingredient may use weight units such as gm, lb, kg, and oz. If you want to use volume units such as cup or tsp, then you need a volume conversion. An example of a volume conversion is "224 gms = 1 cup". If you specify such a conversion, then this ingredient will have all the volume units available when you use the ingredient in your recipes. There is also a special unit you can add. An ingredient such as a banana might use a special unit such as "medium-sized banana". If you provide this special conversion, then this unit will also appear as a choice when you use this ingredient in your recipes.

Editing a nutrient is as simple as clicking in its box and changing its value. Click the "Done" button when you are ready to commit your changes. Click the "Cancel" button to return to the "add ingredients" screen without making any changes to this ingredient.

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