10-Key Lessons
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Main Screen

This is the main screen. Here, you will keep your recipes and categories organized. Categories and recipes are much like folders and files on your computer. A category may contain other categories and recipes, just the way a folder may contain other folders and files. The default category is called "General". If you do not specify a category when creating a recipe, it will reside in "General" by default. You can always move it to another category later by using the copy/paste/delete functions. You'll always know which category is active because it will be highlighted in your list. Also, the "crumb trail" at the top of the screen will spell out the current category for you. To navigate through the categories, just click the category you want, and its contents will be shown. As you select categories, you'll notice their contents will appear in the list to the right. If you want to back up one level, click the "Previous Category" button, and you will go back through the categories the same way you went in. You will find a "Help" button on this screen, and on every other screen in the program. If you ever need help, just click that button. This screen also contains the "Quit" button, which will exit you from the program completely. Because the program saves your work as you go, you can always safely click the "Quit" button without having to save any files.

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