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RA2 provides a tool that allows you to export all your recipes into a web site. When you choose "Create a Web Site", you will be prompted to choose a folder where your web site files will be stored. RA2 will then create a page for each category and recipe that you have created and let you view them all in your web browser. If you want to publish this web site to the world, you will need to upload these files to a web server. You may or may not already have access to a web server through your ISP. If you don't, you may need to purchase web space from your ISP or web host in order to publish your site. For advanced users of HTML, you will notice the folder named "CSS". If you want to customize the look of your recipe web site, you may edit the css file found in this folder to give your web site a unique look and feel.

RA2 also provides a tool which allows you to import your saved recipes from a "Recipe Analyzer 1" recipe book. When you choose this option, you will be prompted with a file dialog box which you can use to navigate to your recipe book file. The recipes in this book will be loaded into RA2 into whichever category you currently have selected. This feature will only work with recipe books created by the original Recipe Analyzer, which are in a special format. Recipes from other programs or files cannot be automatically loaded with this feature.

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