Easy Slide Show Creator Manual    
Table of Contents
1. Introduction

2. Interface
      Main Interface
      Menu Bar
      Pictures Tab
      Music Tab
      Slide Show Controls

3. Step By Step Guides
      Creating a Basic Slide Show
      Adding Music to a Slide Show
      Adding Captions to Pictures
            in Your Slide Show
      Adding Sound Effects
      Presenting A Slide Show

4. How to Zip and Email
      Slide Shows to Others

5. How to Create Autorun
      Slide Shows on CD

6. Registering Easy Slide
      Show Creatorô

7. Tech Support and Help

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5. How to Create Autorun Slide Shows on CD

Easy Slide Show Creator can prepare your slide show for burning onto a CD. All of the files for the slide show will be copied to one folder, along with an autorun file. When you burn the contents of this folder onto a CD, your slide show will automatically play when you insert the CD into a CD-ROM drive. [Windows Only]

To prepare your slide show to burn onto a CD, first you must save your slide show. You can do this by clicking the "Save Show" button. After you've saved your slide show, click on the "File" menu and select "Prepare Slide Show for CD-ROM...". An "Instructions" box will appear, telling you to create or select an empty folder to copy your slide show into.

Click "OK", and then a "Choose a Folder" box will appear, prompting you to choose or create the folder mentioned in the "Instructions" box. Typically, you will want to create a folder at this point by clicking the "New" button and then giving your new folder a name. Click "OK" and now your new folder should be highlighted. Click "OK" to select this folder you just created and continue.

Easy Slide Show Creator will inform you that it is preparing the slide show for CD-ROM. It may take a moment to finish this process. When the process is complete, use your favorite CD writing software to burn the contents of your folder onto a CD. Make sure that you copy the contents of the folder, and not the folder itself to your CD.

The autorun file ensures that when the newly created CD is inserted into a CD-ROM drive, your slide show will begin playing immediately.

NOTE: The autorun feature is Windows only. Mac OS X does not allow CDs to autorun for security reasons. For Mac slide shows on CD-Rom, simply double-click the StartSlideShow icon to start the show.

Using the Mac OS X version of ESSC, it is possible to create a CD-Rom which contains both a Windows version of your slide show and a Mac OS X version of your slide show. You must use burning software that is capable of creating "hybrid CD-Roms". One product that is capable of this is Roxio's Toast. Please refer to your cd burning software manual to make a cross-platform slide show on CD. If you need some help, please feel free to visit our Help Forums at http://www.programmingart.com/forums.