Easy Slide Show Creator Manual    
Table of Contents
1. Introduction

2. Interface
      Main Interface
      Menu Bar
      Pictures Tab
      Music Tab
      Slide Show Controls

3. Step By Step Guides
      Creating a Basic Slide Show
      Adding Music to a Slide Show
      Adding Captions to Pictures
            in Your Slide Show
      Adding Sound Effects
      Presenting A Slide Show

4. How to Zip and Email
      Slide Shows to Others

5. How to Create Autorun
      Slide Shows on CD

6. Registering Easy Slide
      Show Creator™

7. Tech Support and Help

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3. Step-By-Step Guides [Page 2 of 6]

Creating a Basic Slide Show

STEP 1. Create or find a folder of your pictures somewhere on your computer"s hard drive. You can use as many pictures as you like, but to make it easy on yourself it's nice to have them all in one folder before you begin creating your slide show.

STEP 2. Open Easy Slide Show Creator. Just double click the Easy Slide Show Creator icon to start the program.

STEP 3. Add your pictures to the slide show. Click on the "Add" button above the playlist in the pictures tab to open an "Add Files To Playlist" box. Navigate to the folder of pictures you made in step 1. Select all of the pictures in the folder, and click on "Open". Your pictures should all appear in the playlist. You may need to use the scroll arrows to see them all.

STEP 4. Fine tune options and settings. You"ll notice on the Easy Slide Show Creator interface that there are some options you can check or uncheck in the upper portion of the interface. You can easily run your slide show without changing these options, but if any of them sound useful go ahead and change them at this time.

STEP 5. Save and play your slide show. Click on the "Save Show" button. Pick a name and select a location on your hard drive for your slide show file. Now just click the "Start My Slide Show" button to view your new slide show!