Easy Slide Show Creator Manual    
Table of Contents
1. Introduction

2. Interface
      Main Interface
      Menu Bar
      Pictures Tab
      Music Tab
      Slide Show Controls

3. Step By Step Guides
      Creating a Basic Slide Show
      Adding Music to a Slide Show
      Adding Captions to Pictures
            in Your Slide Show
      Adding Sound Effects
      Presenting A Slide Show

4. How to Zip and Email
      Slide Shows to Others

5. How to Create Autorun
      Slide Shows on CD

6. Registering Easy Slide
      Show Creator™

7. Tech Support and Help

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7. Tech Support and Help

Tech Support is available online at the Programming Art™ Help Forums. You can find all kinds of help, tips and ideas by visiting http://www.programmingart.com/forums.

Visit us at http://www.programmingart.com/products/slideshow for up-to-date information on Easy Slide Show Creator™ and registration instructions.

Help files in different formats can be accessed in the "help" folder of your Easy Slide Show Creator™ application directory, or by navigating to the "Slideshow" program group in your Start Menu. Solutions to common problems are included in a "frequently asked questions(FAQ)" file which can also be found in the same "help" folder.

Thank you for using Easy Slide Show Creator™!