Easy Slide Show Creator Manual    
Table of Contents
1. Introduction

2. Interface
      Main Interface
      Menu Bar
      Pictures Tab
      Music Tab
      Slide Show Controls

3. Step By Step Guides
      Creating a Basic Slide Show
      Adding Music to a Slide Show
      Adding Captions to Pictures
            in Your Slide Show
      Adding Sound Effects
      Presenting A Slide Show

4. How to Zip and Email
      Slide Shows to Others

5. How to Create Autorun
      Slide Shows on CD

6. Registering Easy Slide
      Show Creator™

7. Tech Support and Help

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4. How to Zip and Email Slide Shows to Others [Windows]

Easy Slide Show Creator has the capability to create a zip compressed file which contains an entire slide show that you can pass along to your friends. All your pictures, sounds, captions, etc. will be conveniently contained in one zip file so the entire slide show can easily be attached to an email.

To create a zipped slide show, first you must save your slide show. You can do this by clicking the "Save Show" button. After you've saved your slide show, click on the "File" menu and select "Zip My Slide Show". A "Zip My Slide Show" box will appear so you may specify what you want to name your zip file and where you want to save it. Be sure when you name your zip file, the name ends with the letters ".zip".

Once you've specified where to save your zip file and what to name it, click the "Save" button on the file selection box and Easy Slide Show Creator will begin creating your zipped slide show. Depending on how many pictures and/or music files are in your slide show, this process may take a few minutes. Easy Slide Show Creator compresses the file as much as possible. This allows you to email it to friends in a timely manner. Once Easy Slide Show Creator is finished creating your zip file, a message will appear at the bottom portion of the Easy Slide Show Creator window letting you know it's done. Depending on what program you use to send and receive email, the process of attaching a file, such as your zipped slide show, may differ slightly. For detailed instructions on how to attach a file to an email, you should consult the help menu of the program you use for email (such as AOL, Outlook, etc.). In general however, the button that allows you to attach a file to email is usually denoted by a picture of a paperclip.

To view a zipped slide show, you can use Easy Slide show Creator's "Unzip a Slide Show" feature. Start Easy Slide Show Creator, and click "Unzip a Slide Show" from the "File" menu. An "Unzip Slide Show" box will appear. Navigate to the zipped slide show and click "Open". The zipped slide show will open and run immediately.

4. How to Zip and Email Slide Shows to Others [Macintosh]

In the Mac OS X version of ESSC, you may create a folder which contains all the files you need for a portable slide show. You may zip or stuff these files and all the necessary pictures, music, sound effects, etc will be included automatically. You may use any archiving software you prefer. Because StuffIt Expander and DropStuff are popular archiving programs available on the Mac, we will use those for these examples. The Mac OS X version of ESSC also has the special ability to create slide shows which can run on Windows PCs. If you create a portable slide show for a friend with Windows, be sure to zip the files instead of stuffing them because most Windows users do not have StuffIt software already installed. The majority of Windows computers do have the ability to zip and unzip. To create a stuffed archive of a portable slide show, drag all the files and folders contained in your new folder to the DropStuff window. The sit file that is created can then be emailed or uploaded to a web server. To create a zip file which Windows users can easily deal with, select all the files and folders in your new folder and then click on the File menu and select "create archive". All the slide show files will be saved in a zip file named "archive.zip".